Hello CBR400R. Until the car delivered to my dreams.

Did it!

I finally bought CBR 400R!

To be exact, "Contract is completed".

The article up to this car delivery is not special information, but it is very glad if you sympathize with excitement to deliver cars together.

I have been searching for "CBR 400 R" for as long as a stalker for the past few weeks.

The price of CBR 400R at 「GooBike」 is around 600,000 yen.
Because it is a 2016 model, the price difference between new car and used car is not so big.

I would like to purchase with a new car if I buy it.
I want to write articles about break-in driving.
Since I am a beginner rider I would like to accumulate experience value with my new motorbike.

So, looking for a new car, I finally had a contract with you.

Bike shop in Kota "Come on!"

Come on! !

That is the name of a motorbike shop.

The shop where I decided to purchase is a motorbike shop called "Come on!" Located in Kota-cho, Nagata-gun, Aichi prefecture.

〒444-0113 愛知県額田郡幸田町菱池岩堀10

I live in Owari, Aichi Prefecture, but there are no bikes that can be convinced about budgetary reasons in my neighborhood, I went to Mikawa all the way.


I was chicken baby I was so worried that I asked a friend of photographer "Can I ask a photographer?" And asked my friend to accompany him.

Thank you very much.

About 60 km under the road.

The sky is fine weather.

By national highway No. 22 bypass, I pass many riders.

It is me who sent a thermal glance from inside a black car.

Sorry to have a face with glaring.

After about two hours of driving, I arrived at the motorcycle shop.


Come on!

And it is written very much on the signboard very much.
The place of interest is definitely here.

Hide the chicken heart and enter.

Because, in fact, it is a motorcycle shop and there are not so good memories, the mind goes backwards.

---- Retrospect from here ----

My first bike is "Honda Super Cub 50" I bought when I was a college student

The reason I bought a turnip was inspired by a book called "First Cub Custom", because I wanted to customize a motorcycle.

It is a custom of the leg shield that I tried by looking at the ground.

Drill a hole and cut with a cutter.

Cross section was polished with paper and painted in 'Abergreen' color by can spray.

The result was not praised, but the degree of satisfaction is Max.

And I will not forget, that summer day under that hot weather.

To a motorcycle shop you purchased for inspection in the third month, straddling love turnip.

I saw that turnip, my bike shop oyaji,

"Why did you do this by yourself! Hahaha"

One word of.

Despite the midsummer, I sprained Sir and my heart to the words almost told by the first guy.

From there,
I remember only "sad feelings to a car of your choice" and "the ground that was looking down and looking down."

Since then, when talking to a motorcycle professional, I feel somewhere drawn.

Now, I can make you laugh.

---- Recollection End

Because there is such a bitter memory, the moment you put your hands on the door of a bike shop, I get nervous with expectations for a new bike and trauma.

Better still, a bike shop named "CAMON!"

I did not know what kind of luscious father would come out, so I became uneasy and thrilled.

However, the wind that blows where such uneasiness also blows.

"Oh, Mr. Shotaro on the phone? Welcome!"
And the woman greeted me with a smile,

"Before negotiations, do you see a motorcycle? It's on the second floor! Hey there,"
In that way I pointed to the bike in 2F and showed me around.

"Really, a homey shop!"
And I cried, I was relieved from the bottom of my heart.

It may be an ordinary customer service, but that was enough.

Unpleasant excitement disappears, only exciting is left.

And, you face confronting.

After all, it was awesome CBR 400R

How cool this bike is! !

I'm too happy! ! !

Wow! Wow!
Come on! !


It is bigger than I expected!

Feeling, I feel like the younger brother CBR 650 F!

And also impressed.

Because we finally met a longing bike that we only met through the screen.

I feel like this when I met a character from anime.

I am soaked in excitement for a while.

Well, cool.

The feelings I want to purchase turn into conviction, to the older sister who waits at 1F.

"I will buy it"

Started negotiation in a single word.

The feelings I want to buy are just overflowing.
After that, it is the biggest gateway "loan review".

Cross the mountain called "loan"

Actually, I was telling the intention of purchasing by phone before coming to the store.

At the same time, there is a possibility not to go through the review of the loan.

I think that the importance of loan review is as follows.

■ There is no scratch on credit information

This is whether it is not blacklisted in the past.
Whether there is no delay in credit card payment or installment payment on mobile terminals.

■ Is there stable revenue continuing

This is literally.
It is whether or not there is earning as a so-called regular employee.
Even if there are continuing income in part-time jobs or part, non-regular workers are unstable continuing profits, so guarantors are needed.

In the case of myself, there was the possibility of being caught by "whether there is a steady stable income."

Because the workplace has changed since this year, the actual annual income has not yet occurred.

The UFJ Bank, which is a mega bank, and the criteria for regional bank car loan review, "There are many employment periods longer than 1 year".
I also saw many articles that are at least half a year at minimum.

I decided to try it once or for the time being, although I got lost as to whether I should challenge or give up.
In some article I wrote that there are possibilities that dealers with a proven loan can pass.

I studied a lot about bike loans, so I would like to make another article.

As I mentioned to my older sister like this,
"I think they are probably OK though ...."
Your encouraging (?) Word.

Enter necessary items on the PC and wait.
I looked at "MT - 09" that was sold off and waited for a while for judging.


Prrrr ....

After waiting about 20 minutes, I received a call at the shop.

Polite and frank owner of this shop
"It looks like it's useless for the current conditions"
And a word.

I was shocked, but as I was supposed to be like this,
"Is it a card loan at last ... In the worst case, cashing? No, are you going to buy that?"
& nbsp;

Where I think,

"It seems to be okay if the interest rate rises a little or if a guarantor is attached, what will you do?"
And a crane 's voice.

I got lost for an instant. I do not want to bother your parents. But his determination was hard.
"Those who have high interest rates thank you."

Then wait for 20 minutes to finish inputting again

From the owner with the phone from the loan company,
One 's voice.

That's why I am happy.

Finally, I can get on the CBR 400R!

But honestly, I do not get a sense of realism at the shop because the bike is not at hand. Lol

I mean, I was relieved, I finally stood at the start line.

Come on! !


It was April 22 that I signed up at the shop.

Delivery schedule date is May 13th.

I am writing this article on April 27

For two weeks until delivery, excitement will not stop.

I bought a lot of motorcycle supplies with amazon already.

I want to write it as well.


Soon, it will be sunny and will join the CBR 400 R rider.

Seniors, please watch over with warm eyes.

Thank you very much for the staff of "CAMON"!

It's exciting, I will not stop! ! ! !

Come on! !

Well then, Have a nice Tokai Bike Life!


Here is the conflict that chose CBR 400R


The impression that delivered CBR 400R is here

こんにちは CBR400R。ついに始まる!マイバイクライフ!【納車編】