Helmet bald can be prevented! Don’t loss your hair with 3 measures!

In Japan, bike away is screamed and the management of two wheel manufacturers is concerned nowadays.
Demand for motorcycles that exceeded 800,000 in 2000 was also reduced to 400,000 in 2016 and decreased to half in 16 years.
It seems that he has never divided 400,000 in the past 70 years.

I entered from a difficult story, but personally, one of the major reasons for leaving a motorcycle,

I think that it is bald .

Even soon after finishing the long touring,
· The scalp damp it.
· Wet hair that makes mistake as "that me waxed ...?"
· Fear that if you fall asleep like this you feel like "surely root hair will not be extinct."

And the morning I woke up from an unintended sleep, the days when I cried, watching the hair scattered absurdly in the bedside.

One day I noticed it.
Men's confidence (hair)> Bike .

I think that the number of people who got down the motorcycle increased as they accumulated.

So this time (for myself) I tried putting down the hair loss countermeasure.


First of all, I think it is a lie that if you wear a helmet for a long time it will be bald.

To be exact,
" Because we neglect care after wearing a helmet for a long time, damage is added to the scalp and bald is correct.

"I am care for it perfectly! I am also using hair tonicants !!!" Despite this, the one who is not good is another cause. Sorry.

Go back to the subject. Three points are:
"Ventilation" - Ventilate to reduce bacterial growth during wearing
"Release" → helmet to not overpress the blood vessels of the scalp
"Wash" → clean the scalp and inner pad
By doing the above thing firmly, we reduce stress on our head.

To be honest, it is troublesome, after a touring finishes, I will set it apart. In the meantime the hair root will die.
Goodbye, the root.

…Oops. Care is important.

【1】 Ventilate the interior of the helmet to reduce the risk of bacterial growth

Sweat that comes out with intense riding and rising temperature.
Cold sweat which is brought close to a large truck and comes out feeling the danger of life.

Due to a variety of factors, the head is kept moist, the scalp inside the helmet is steamed. Therefore, bacteria propagate and the scalp is in a serious condition.
As a result, the hair root is damaged and the hair gets pulled steadily and steadily.
Therefore, it is important to ventilate the interior of the helmet.

In particular,
- Use a helmet that is excellent in ventilation.
· Use water-absorptive and quick-drying inner pads.
· When taking a break, wipe the sweat with a towel.
That is the point.

Initially, a cheap helmet may not have a ventilation function.
If the surface of your helmet is clean and crisp, there is no ventilation if no hole is found .

Introducing a ventilation equipped helmet.

Lead industry bike helmet jet J-AIR RAZZO III




Jet type helmet with ventilation.
It is attractive that the price is cheap, about 10,000 yen, and there is a ventilation to function. The weight is also light as 1,200 g and the burden on the neck is also small is GOOD! There are also 4 color patterns.
Anyway Cospa-oriented Recommended.


Yamaha (YAMAHA) Motorcycle Helmet Jet YJ - 14 ZENITH




This is also a jet type helmet. It is also safe to say that it is a product of Yamaha Motorcycle Maker.
It is impressive to have an intake that air seems to come in as it sees on the front.
Apart from the ventilation, the inner shade is attached , so it is good to adjust the brightness even if you do not bother to change to sunglasses or smoke shield.
It looks nice, it is cheap, and here also cost performance is excellent.


SHOEI helmet full face Z-7



This is a full face type. It is "Z-7" of major helmet manufacturer "SHOEI".
This is a helmet I want personally. ...
The price is high, but In addition to excellent ventilation, quietness, design, it is light anyway. And small. ... I want it.
Wearing a helmet, it will not be a silhouette like 'Bomberman'.
Also, because there is an inner pad for replacement as an option, it is also nice to be able to exchange regularly. want!

Well, I want this !!

There are also such things.

Shinobu Riders sweat-absorbing quick drying helmet inner cap




It is not a swimming cap!
It is an inner cap for a helmet.

Excellent breathability, absorb sweat and dry quickly.
In short, it suppresses steaming .
Furthermore, because there is also an antibacterial effect, we can also improve the bad environment that "a lot of bacteria breed".

When taking a break and forgetting to take off this helmet, you will get "span id =" black "> metamorphosis recognition " so please be careful.


【2】 Do not overpress the blood vessels of the scalp with a helmet

When wearing a helmet for a long time, the helmet keeps pressing the scalp.
Even so, if the hand size of the helmet does not fit and you are using a helmet that is too small.
By compressing the scalp, blood circulation is exacerbated, the necessary oxygen and nutrients are not supplied to the hair, leading to the withdrawal of the hair.
Actually, this is a difficult part.

Since we are riding a motorcycle, we need to install a helmet from the safety aspect.

What you can do is
· Take a break often.
· Take off the helmet and unravel the pressure.
· Massage and promote blood circulation.
It is not good to keep on wearing a helmet for a long time.
Gently, the hair root dies.
My hair will be peky.
My brother (user of SHOEI GTair) said that, if I should use this,


To Wheel Cool (TWO WHEEL COOL) Ventilation liner for helmet



By placing it on the inner, this creates a space in the gap between hair and Met interior.
By passing air there, enhances breathability .

In addition, there are many small warts on the hair side, and prevents the hair from becoming peppers .

Hatsu's hairstyle was plump, despite long distance driving.


【3】 After removing the helmet, wash it thoroughly

Congratulations driving long distances.
Well then we had a break.
Before that, let's make your head clean.
At the head of taking off the helmet, the bacteria are breeding with great momentum.
After taking off your helmet, wash your head cleanly.
This is important.
Even just cleaning it will make a big difference.
And wash the interior of the helmet firmly.
Let's take it to the bath together and wash it.
Those who use bikes for commuting should have spare parts for inner parts.

Shampoo and scalp shampoo may be nice!
I emphasize cost performance and I use this.

Vital Rhythm (VITALISM) Scalp Care Shampoo Non Silicon for MEN



Honestly, I do not feel that my hair has increased.
I feel like I am beautiful! I feel like it, so I am doing this.
I checked it with a sculp shampoo on the web and I am just using it because evaluation of cost performance was good.

Use this to stay busy! If there is information like something, I would like you to tell me. (Seriously)


By suppressing the above three points, will not it be a little to prevent helmet thinning?
There is also a concern that the helmet rub against the scalp and wear, but if you use a helmet of just size, the risk will decrease.
Do not increase fungus · Do not overpress.
If I do not forget the point, I think that you can suppress the withdrawal speed of hair.
If this article helps to stop the decline of the motorbike population ...! We think.
Let's enjoy the long bike life by reducing the risk of hair loss!
Well then, have a nice Tokai bikelife!