【My Ride Story】 Vol.2 CBR125R / RIDER:Mr.N

There are journeys as many as the bike.

There are encounters as many as the riders.

Here is a place to unravel the story of the Tokai bike rider.

"MyRide Story"

Do normal or custom
Tokai rider's love for my bike,
I will spell out impressions.

【My Ride Story】Vol.2:CBR125R


Motor Cycle:HONDA CBR125R

Mr. N Two months ago I started riding this bike.

The former owner will change to a 400cc motorcycle, and the one I got cheaply got to meet Mr. N "CBR 125 R".

My favorite car is "NB Road Star"
Although it is currently donadona ....

Originally, the car school than the motorcycle.

However, due to the influence of the surroundings, it gradually became interested in the motorcycle, and this bike seems to have jumped into when I was thinking that "I will buy it even with an affordable Cub 90."

In addition to being a import motorcycle not covered by people, it is attracted by the full cowl of independent 2 eyes, which does not feel like 125 cc, prompt decision by the low maintenance cost.

Somewhat feeling of use also seems to have increased as one of my hobbies, "This is good taste in this," by myself, as well as repair and maintenance.

On weekdays, as a foot of commuting. On holidays, as a friend of petit touring, "CBR 125 R" is a favorite car.


Mr. N said,
"CBR 125 R is a motorcycle that combines pleasure of running and ease of maintenance"

My favorite favorite point is a cool front mask.

A sporty full cowl motorcycle that does not seem to be 125 cc will be equipped with a single-cylinder engine with a water-cooled 4-stroke and will generate 13 horsepower.

The cockpit also carries analog speedometer and tachometer on the separate handle, and it is in no way inferior to a motorcycle with a medium displacement or more.

But, again, this is a reasonable price.

In fact,
"The resinity around the meter is 125cc quality, is not it?"
And that.

One run is enough spec for riding.
The muffler is equipped with "IXIL" as it gets transferred.

It turned into a slightly lower sound than genuine.
I feel comfortable blowing up to nearly 10000 rpm, and it makes a really good sound!

"This muffler feels like running! I feel comfortable! Handling is light and easy to handle anyway!
It's sensitive to gaps, but cornering is wonderful. Just put a little weight, the bike will be cornering easily! "
, Handling that takes advantage of the weight of the car weight, and the mountain road is easy with a single cylinder torque.

"Just being caught in the wind, it's really dangerous, because the car's weight is light, the cowl receives direct crosswind so it will wander quickly!"
And often it is dependent on the wind.

Another point is the ease of maintenance.

Because it has a small displacement of 125 cc, it does not cost anything.

Because optional insurance also comes with car insurance, it is enough for family bike rider special, so there is no need to enter new insurance for bikes like medium size or more.

& nbsp;

Also, fuel economy is wonderful.

It is good fuel economy equivalent to a turnip of 50 km / L.
In addition to the tank of 13 liters, because it is ultra-low fuel consumption, it will be a feeling of running indefinitely.

Well, I'm jealous.

& nbsp;
It is this CBR 125R that you can enjoy lacy running with a separate handle, super economically.

& nbsp;
Mr. N "CBR 125 R is the best bike to travel a short distance!"

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