Begining of My CBR400R life in JAPAN

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こんにちは CBR400R。夢にまで見た納車まで。【購入編】


finally! Finally I got the car! !


CBR 400R was delivered!


CBR! 400! R!


Cool! You are cool!


Let's travel a lot! ! !

That was about lunch break on May 2.

A car inspection certificate arrives from the bike shop "CAMON" by e-mail.


Whether the car verification has arrived, is the car delivered immediately?

Think and think, I just called.


"The maintenance is completed in 5/3 days, when will you be able to come?"

And reverse question.

"Thank you in 5 / 4th!"

I will immediately contact you to go pick it up the next day.

If it was the original schedule, 13th was the schedule of the delivery date, but it was a week earlier!


"Well, GW is a tooling excitement!"
I danced and returned to work.

------ Up to this point happenings at work -------
And it will lead to the delivery date of destiny May 4th.

Kota's bike shop "Kamon" again

With the new "SHOEI Z-7", with the gloves, with friends who accompanied us last time, I will head to Kotoda cho, Aichi prefecture.

Seriously, thank you.


〒444-0113Aichi prefecture Nagata-gun Kotodachi Rishike Iwahori 10

I was sending you at 1 pm, but the road was crowded more than I had imagined or had eaten lunch, so I arrived there at 2 p.m.

It is serious tension just before delivery.

It sounds like confessing to her child with a love character.

I can ride that CBR 400R! !
I wonder if I can change it safely ....
I did not forget anything.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Is it okay to ride?
Anyway, I can ride the CBR 400R!

What a mysterious sense of excitement and excitement ...!

That was also transferred to my friends, and the two nervous people came in.

CBR 400 R! Delivery of tension and impression!

Opened the door and greeted me with CBR 400 R with 'popular' pop.

I sold it, that's right! it's me.

finally! Finally! At last!

My sweet honey!

After shooting at various angles, I will talk about the signature of the document and regular checks.

Initial inspection is 1000 km or 1 month

I feel like a moment for 1000 km.

Is it a thought to drive at a distance of 50 km from my house and check it?

After all, it may be safe to purchase at a motorbike shop in the neighborhood.

I do oil change and simple maintenance on my own so there is no problem.


Then go out and listen to the description of the specifications and equipment next to the bike.

As I wrote in last crime prevention article, I was planning to introduce "immobilizer", but it was standard equipment for CBR 400R!


Although there is a complete research shortage,
Internal, "This is super lucky!"
I thought so.

I think the current bike seems to have standard hazard and passing buttons as well.

Although I have only got a 250cc motorcycle so far, I feel the quality difference in the latest 400cc after all.

If this is a large ss, it seems that there is a more unprepared equipment ...

Regarding equipment, the only regret was it,

"Shift indicator"

If you get used to it, you do not need it,
Until I get used to it, I think that the information "What speed is it at the moment"?


I asked about running-in driving.


"We are not tied up especially by the number of revolutions,"

is what they said.

I was thinking of writing articles on break-in driving, so I feel like I got a shoulder watermark.

However, "Before driving, please warm yourself, even a little is fine."

Suddenly, it seems to make sure not to overload the engine.

Regarding the break-in operation,

Rather than "habituating the engine"
Perhaps it is a period of "getting riders into bikes"

As I am thinking, decide in mind not to turn more than 4000 turns immediately after delivery.

And finally, Ride On!


The impression that I tried straddling,

"The panel is cool too! And surprisingly big."

& nbsp;
Because the motorcycle I got on the last day is CBR 125 R, I sense that the car rating is different sensually.

& nbsp;
Regarding footsteps, I'm 176 cm tall and straddling, my knees slightly bend over my legs.

There is little worry of standing.

Then spin the cell by turning the key.

& nbsp;
Val Rururururu!

& nbsp;
And a gutsy engine sound!

& nbsp;
Paratuin of 2 cylinder, like 250 cc

& nbsp;
I was not expecting much because I thought it was a mild scusca engine sound, but unexpectedly, "heavy"

& nbsp;
This is a nice miscalculation! Laughter will not stop inside the helmet.

& nbsp;
Thanks to the quietness of "Z - 7", you hear the engine sounds good.

Feelings yeah and sound.
Feelings yeah and sound.

& nbsp;

It's time to start.

There is more torque than I expected.

Since it is a new car & beginner, it does not say "accelerator full throttle!", But it will accelerate sufficiently even to the extent that it was able to open it vividly.

Honestly enough to think that "power is enough for this!"

What I felt most was accelerating any gear.
I do not know the difference between 3rd speed and 4th speed lol Haha

I am not used to it yet, so whatever, I answer whatever gear I turn.

Often it is trying to raise the gear even though it is in the 6th gear. Lol

For now,

"After buying CBR 400R it was a correct answer"
& nbsp;
I'm more comfortable with this bike and I'd like to bring out the potential.

Looking at Impre of the other person, since it is said that this motorcycle demonstrates its capabilities from around 6000 rpm, I would like to have a detailed impression after riding a lot more.


Finally, car delivery!

Welcome CBR 400 R! !

I'm so happy!

& nbsp;
After all bike fun!
Wind Wow!
Visibility is wide!
Track Become!
Ya! The best!
After all bike fun! (Second time)

& nbsp;
First of all, I want to get used to this motorcycle!

And I want to make friends with many senior riders!

I want to touring with such feeling!
At this time, the state of goldfish is hunk.

Still, when a motorcycle comes behind it is a sweat shirt, but I want to tool with lots of riders someday!

& nbsp;
Finally, my bike life started!
From now on, I would like to keep posting the place I traced with my own footprints more and more!

Well then, Have a nice Tokai Bike Life! !



こんにちは CBR400R。夢にまで見た納車まで。【購入編】


【My Ride Story】 Vol.1 CBR400R / RIDER:Shotaro

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