• 2018-11-16

【My Ride Story】EN Vol.1 CBR400R / RIDER:Shotaro

There are journeys as many as the bike. There are encounters as many as the riders.   Here is a place to unravel the story of the Tokai bike rider. "My Ride Story"   Do normal or custom The Tokai riders of Japan, I like my bike's favorite impressions I will spell it.   【My Ride Story】Vol.1:CBR400R   RIDER:Shotaro Motor Cycle:HONDA CBR400R   I wrote plenty of CBR purchase circumstances in past articles, so please see here. 僕が新型CBR250RRではなく、CBR400Rを選んだ5つの理由 こんにちは CBR400R。夢にまで見た納車まで。【購入編】 こんにちは CBR400R。ついに始まる!マイバイクライフ!【納車編】 It was around college days that I thought that I wanted to ride for the first time on a motorcycle of medium size or more. Just around that time "kawasaki" issued "Ninja 250 R", when the sun began to reach the quarter boom. […]