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  • 2018-11-16

Begining of My CBR400R life in JAPAN

【previous article】 こんにちは CBR400R。夢にまで見た納車まで。【購入編】   Haahhhh-----------------! finally! Finally I got the car! !   CBR 400R was delivered!   CBR! 400! R!   Cool! You are cool!   Let's travel a lot! ! !   · · · · · · That was about lunch break on May 2. A car inspection certificate arrives from the bike shop "CAMON" by e-mail.   Whether the car verification has arrived, is the car delivered immediately? Think and think, I just called.   Then, "The maintenance is completed in 5/3 days, when will you be able to come?" And reverse question.   "Thank you in 5 / 4th!" I will immediately contact you to go pick it up the next day. If it was the original schedule, 13th […]