• 2018-11-16

【My Ride Story】EN Vol.1 CBR400R / RIDER:Shotaro

There are journeys as many as the bike. There are encounters as many as the riders.   Here is a place to unravel the story of the Tokai bike rider. "My Ride Story"   Do normal or custom The Tokai riders of Japan, I like my bike's favorite impressions I will spell it.   【My Ride Story】Vol.1:CBR400R   RIDER:Shotaro Motor Cycle:HONDA CBR400R   I wrote plenty of CBR purchase circumstances in past articles, so please see here. 僕が新型CBR250RRではなく、CBR400Rを選んだ5つの理由 こんにちは CBR400R。夢にまで見た納車まで。【購入編】 こんにちは CBR400R。ついに始まる!マイバイクライフ!【納車編】 It was around college days that I thought that I wanted to ride for the first time on a motorcycle of medium size or more. Just around that time "kawasaki" issued "Ninja 250 R", when the sun began to reach the quarter boom. […]

  • 2018-11-16

Begining of My CBR400R life in JAPAN

【previous article】 こんにちは CBR400R。夢にまで見た納車まで。【購入編】   Haahhhh-----------------! finally! Finally I got the car! !   CBR 400R was delivered!   CBR! 400! R!   Cool! You are cool!   Let's travel a lot! ! !   · · · · · · That was about lunch break on May 2. A car inspection certificate arrives from the bike shop "CAMON" by e-mail.   Whether the car verification has arrived, is the car delivered immediately? Think and think, I just called.   Then, "The maintenance is completed in 5/3 days, when will you be able to come?" And reverse question.   "Thank you in 5 / 4th!" I will immediately contact you to go pick it up the next day. If it was the original schedule, 13th […]

  • 2018-11-16

Brothers Touring vol.1 【Kozoji → Toki Donburi Kaikan → Enakyo (Oi Dam)】

Since CBR 400R was successfully delivered, it was sunny and the touring life started! As soon as you turn on the key, it seems like the meter starts shaking off and it is a moment of excitement. I feel like I'm going to go! "It is good, is not it!   Well, the first destination is Enakyo (Oi Dam) in Gifu Prefecture! バイクツーリングといえばダム。東海ダム巡り5選vol.1   The accompanying trip is...   younger brother .   This trip has become a trip to teach various long-time brothers with a long bike history. Footprint of travel A: Kozoji Temple station B: McDonald's No. 19 Toki branch C: Road station Toki Minonyaki highway bowl hall dormitory D: Road station ramen and Ikoma no Sato E: FamilyMart Ena Higashi store F: […]