• 2018-11-19

【My Ride Story】 Vol.2 CBR125R / RIDER:Mr.N

There are journeys as many as the bike. There are encounters as many as the riders. Here is a place to unravel the story of the Tokai bike rider. "MyRide Story" Do normal or custom Tokai rider's love for my bike, I will spell out impressions. 【My Ride Story】Vol.2:CBR125R   RIDER:N氏 Motor Cycle:HONDA CBR125R Mr. N Two months ago I started riding this bike. The former owner will change to a 400cc motorcycle, and the one I got cheaply got to meet Mr. N "CBR 125 R".   My favorite car is "NB Road Star" Although it is currently donadona .... Originally, the car school than the motorcycle.   However, due to the influence of the surroundings, it gradually became interested in the motorcycle, and […]