Useful info for touring

  • 2018-11-16

Helmet bald can be prevented! Don’t loss your hair with 3 measures!

In Japan, bike away is screamed and the management of two wheel manufacturers is concerned nowadays. Demand for motorcycles that exceeded 800,000 in 2000 was also reduced to 400,000 in 2016 and decreased to half in 16 years. It seems that he has never divided 400,000 in the past 70 years.   I entered from a difficult story, but personally, one of the major reasons for leaving a motorcycle,   I think that it is bald .   Even soon after finishing the long touring, · The scalp damp it. · Wet hair that makes mistake as "that me waxed ...?" · Fear that if you fall asleep like this you feel like "surely root hair will not be extinct."   And the morning I […]