• 2018-11-16

Begining of My CBR400R life in JAPAN

【previous article】 こんにちは CBR400R。夢にまで見た納車まで。【購入編】   Haahhhh-----------------! finally! Finally I got the car! !   CBR 400R was delivered!   CBR! 400! R!   Cool! You are cool!   Let's travel a lot! ! !   · · · · · · That was about lunch break on May 2. A car inspection certificate arrives from the bike shop "CAMON" by e-mail.   Whether the car verification has arrived, is the car delivered immediately? Think and think, I just called.   Then, "The maintenance is completed in 5/3 days, when will you be able to come?" And reverse question.   "Thank you in 5 / 4th!" I will immediately contact you to go pick it up the next day. If it was the original schedule, 13th […]

  • 2018-11-16

Hello CBR400R. Until the car delivered to my dreams.

Did it! I finally bought CBR 400R! To be exact, "Contract is completed". The article up to this car delivery is not special information, but it is very glad if you sympathize with excitement to deliver cars together.   I have been searching for "CBR 400 R" for as long as a stalker for the past few weeks.   The price of CBR 400R at 「GooBike」 is around 600,000 yen. Because it is a 2016 model, the price difference between new car and used car is not so big.   I would like to purchase with a new car if I buy it. I want to write articles about break-in driving. Since I am a beginner rider I would like to accumulate experience value with […]